Monica was born in the Garry Lake area in 1921. She was suffering from starvation as a young girl living with her family. John Adjuk who was 8 years older, rescued her. They began living together and have been a couple ever since. When Monica was mature enough she had children of her own.

In April, 1949, they and two of their children traveled from the Garry Lake region to Perry River on the coast. Three months later after suffering horribly due to a lack of food they arrived at their destination. The family remained in Perry River for 5 years. In 1955 they packed up and arrived back in Garry Lake in September. The return trip was fine as plenty of game was caught along the way.

Two years later a famine hit Garry Lake. In June, 1958, they were moved by Government plane from Garry Lake to Baker Lake. In March, 1964, the Adjuk family which included 6 daughters by this time, moved to Whale Cove because it was thought the hunting and fishing was better. The family remained in Whale Cove.

In 1981, Monica and John Adjuk married. They were the two oldest elders in the community. John died in 2006 and the following year Monica passed away.

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Monica Sivviaq Adjuk
Inuit, Whale Cove
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575